A list...

Height: 180cm
Hair Color: I am a natural blonde, but right now black.
Eye color: Blue.
Freckles: Yes, but they are almost invisible...
Best feature: I like my lips and my long legs. Don't feel bad about my back eiter..
Worst part of your body: My feet are too big...
Scars: I have a scar on my right hand after getting a pot of hot water over me as a child. Another scar on my foot after getting a teacup full of hot tea over my left foot. One on my kne after a kneoperation and a last one on my rigt leg after a high school prank...
Tattoos: not a single one.
Piercings: Ears, nose and bellybutton.
Disease: Ehm.. I suppose my arthritis in my one kne is a disease...
Broken bones: Not right now...? But have broken my left arm twice when I was younger. Once on a bike and another time I actually managed to fall from a vacuumcleaner...erhm.
Phobia: Arachnophobia and selachophobia (spiders and sharks)
Obsessions: I have to eat and drink separtely.
Fear: Like I said.. spiders and sharks. Other than that.. Maybe dying alone?
Physical party trick: Nothing I am afraid.. x)
Best feeling: When destiny really reveals itself before you, longing for someone and having really really good food.
Best physical feeling: Kisses on the neck. 

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